The Importance Of Understanding The Electrical Appliances Of Your New Home

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You’re moving into your new home. Along with all the excitement that comes with the move, you also need to do a touch of shopping to make sure that you are equipped to take on everyday life, from cooking to heating your home. Whether you are moving into a new build and you need to buy everything from scratch, or simply need to buy some replacement appliances if you’re moving into a rented property, you will most likely have to take a trip to the appliances store. But what should you be looking for? With all the modern appliances we need, as well as the endless models and brands to choose from, it can feel impossible.

Understand your labels

When choosing an appliance to buy for your home, understanding how to read the labels on your household appliances can prove very useful. Why is this? Well, a label indicates the efficiency of the appliance, so will help you to determine how much it will cost you to run it. Your appliances are responsible for 55% of the electricity used in your home, so knowing their efficiency ratings can save you money in the long run. There is no doubt that the upfront cost of buying more efficient appliances will be higher, but some simple calculations can help you to work out whether it’ll be worth it. General consensus is: it is! Choosing an affordable energy supplier will also help you in the long run to keep your costs down. Suppliers such as Bulb provide their customers with both energy-efficient and affordable tariffs. A win-win!

No appliance is innocent

Let’s take a look at your TV. You might think that when you’re not glued to your favourite film or TV show, that it innocently exists in the corner causing no harm. However, leaving your TV plugged in can drain your electricity. The general rule with any appliance is to make sure that you don’t leave them on standby. This goes for your coffee machine, your hair straighteners and any other appliance that plugs into the wall. Unplugging appliances also helps you to be more energy efficient, which is far better for the environment. The Energy Saving Trust’s guide to home appliances further details the benefits of choosing wisely.

Beware the fridge!

The main culprit of your electricity costs, however, is of course your fridge. Responsible for a third of your electricity consumption, switching it off would cause more harm than good (unless you like mouldy foods…). So take care when choosing your fridge. How big does it really need to be? What’s your budget? Having a smaller, more efficient fridge can save you money in the long run. As well as this, make sure that you never leave the fridge door open, and never put hot food inside the fridge, as these both drain its energy as it needs to exert even more power to cool itself down.

What’s the guarantee?

Another important question to ask yourself is whether or not you have a guarantee for your appliance. We often don’t consider the fact that any appliance can break down. From a faulty installation job to dodgy spare parts, you want to make sure that you are covered. Understanding the guarantee of your appliances can help you save money.

Remember, buying appliances isn’t all about the upfront cost. You continue paying for it well after it’s first installed. Asking yourself the most basic questions (What are you using it for? What’s your budget? How many people will be using the appliance? Who is your energy supplier?) might seem slow and frustrating at first, but in reality, they are fundamental to ensuring that you choose the most efficient appliance for your home.

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