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Clothes Smell Bad: 4 Tips on How to Avoid the Bad Smell after Laundry

clothes smell bad

Doing your laundry can be a relaxing experience, knowing you’re pampering yourself by treating your clothes and your pocket right with how much you can save instead of going to the launderette. 

On the other hand, it’s also a task when clothes smell bad even after laundry.

You’re doing yourself a favour by doing your laundry, so one must ensure that all the effort comes with good results: good-smelling clothes.

But sometimes, things don’t go your way, and you end up with that off-putting smell on your clothes.

There are many ways to avoid future laundry mishaps before you end up with bad-smelling garments again.

Things to Do to Avoid Your Clothes Smelling

There are plenty of ways to avoid getting your clothes, having that permanent off-putting smell lingers on your clothes.

Below are some of the things you need to do to avoid this common problem with clothes. 

What Makes Your Clothes Smell Bad Even After Laundry?

There is more than one reason why your clothes smell bad after laundry. Identifying them will help you know what went wrong.

Your Washing Machine Needs More Care

Sometimes it’s not entirely your fault. Your washing machine might need cleaning or lesser loads.

Washing machines can harbour nasty stuff like bacteria or mould that could block filters.

It might be tempting to shove everything in but not giving your washing machine ample room to do its job will make your clothes smell too.

You Don’t Watch Your Detergent Use

The amount of detergent used can also lead to smelly clothes even after laundry.

Too little detergent won’t get any of your clothes clean from the bacteria that causes the bad smell.

Too much detergent will only get stuck in your clothes, leading to mould growth and a bad smell.

You Don’t Let Your Clothes Dry Enough, or You Dry Them Too Much

Now that you know what makes your clothes smell bad while doing the laundry, drying your clothes is important. 

Maybe you’re drying it wrong. Make sure to dry your clothes within a few hours.

If the heat isn’t cutting it, drying it for longer will lead to your clothes having a musty smell. Meanwhile, storing your clothes while still damp will make them smell bad.

How to Keep the Bad Smell Away From Your Clothes

After knowing why your clothes end up smelling bad after laundry, you might be thinking of measures to help you and make sure that you save more and keep your clothes smelling good by doing it on your own.

Here are some tips on avoiding your clothes smelling bad on your next laundry day.

Clean Your Washer Well

Washing machines don’t self-clean, accumulating dirt and creating a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

Your dirty washing machine means bacteria and mould grows on your clothes, leaving you with a bad smell. 

Check your washer for stagnant water and any buildup of soap, minerals, and gunk that might harbour mould and bacteria.

One good way to routinely clean your washer is by using either a quart of bleach or vinegar, be mindful not to mix the two.

Fill your washing machine with warm water, pour a quart of bleach, then let it run for a minute, sit there for about an hour, and make it run for a complete cycle to drain the bleach-water mixture soon.

After you’re done, do the same procedure with the vinegar and let it go for a full process.

Finally, you can spray the gaskets, dispensers, and the exterior of the washing machine with equal parts water and vinegar and wipe everything down with a clean cloth.

Watch the Detergent Use and Other Washing Habits

The amount of detergent you use can also lead to smelly clothes even after laundry.

It’s best to watch how much detergent you use to avoid using too little or too much. Either of the two will lead to a bad smell in clothes.

Some detergents come in pre-dosage packs, which are a good rule of thumb for the size of your laundry.

You can adhere to the amount suggested by the brand you’re using and always measure your load size, along with how soiled the clothes are, to get through cleaning your clothes.

Amp up the Temperature

Using a hot temperature to wash your clothes is better than cool water.

Though a cool wash protects the integrity of the fabric, it won’t do much in fighting complex bacteria that cause odours on your clothes.

You can always check on the manufacturer’s label to see if your clothes can handle the heat. Let them go through hot washing to eliminate the accumulation of pesky bacteria.

Dry Your Clothes Thoroughly

Drying your clothes is crucial if you don’t want them to have a musty or damp scent. This issue poses a problem when the weather isn’t cutting it, especially on cold winter days. 

Having tumble dryers is a must when at risk of storing damp garments.

But why settle with bulky tumble dryers that cover up so much space when you can choose from a wide variety of heated clothes airers that are manageable, space, and money-saving?

The ABIS 3-Tier Electric Heated Clothes Airer is just one of the many heated clothes airer models you can rely on when you need an efficient way to dry clothes when the weather isn’t providing much. 

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Heated clothes airers such as the ABIS 3-Tier Electric Heated Clothes Airer are ideal in ensuring your clothes are dry, thus not retaining moisture that leads to bad-smelling clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions regarding laundry in general, you might get answers down below. 

Why Do My Clothes Smell Bad Even After Laundry?

There could be multiple reasons why your clothes smell bad even after laundry.

It could be because your washing machine is dirty from the bacteria and mould in the filter, you use too much detergent that can get stuck on clothes, or you don’t let your clothes dry correctly.

How to Keep Your Clothes From Smelling Bad?

You first need to know why your clothes smell bad so that you can solve it.

However, one of the known ways to keep your clothes from smelling bad is by cleaning your washing machine, using the right amount of detergent, and drying your clothes properly.

How Come Using Too Much Detergent Can Cause My Clothes to Smell Bad?

Using too much detergent can cause your clothes to smell bad because excess detergent can get stuck on clothes and it will get moulded.

It is why the amount of detergent you are using is enough for the load you have on your washing machine.


Getting your desired results of good-smelling laundered clothes is achievable with just a few maintenances with your washer and good washing practices. 

After changing how you do your laundry to avoid that unwanted smell, know that drying your clothes can be quite hard since there’s no way you can control the weather, especially in the cold season. 

That’s where ABIS 3-Tier got your back. It can give you the benefit of drying your clothes indoors when the outside heat isn’t cutting it, helping you most in getting rid of the unwanted smell in clothes.