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ABIS Projector Screens: Make the Viewing Experience Breathtaking

abis projector screens

More than a small screen is required. Thankfully, ABIS can change the viewing experience with its ABIS projector screens.

ABIS projector screens: What To Know

ABIS Projector Screens have a lot in them more than meets the eye. Continue reading this blog to know more. 

Why your home cinema needs an ABIS projector screen

ABIS projector screens provide a consistent, high-quality viewing experience in your home cinema.

ABIS projector screens are designed to maximize the picture quality of projected images across a large surface. Instead of losing picture quality in large, projected images, an ABIS projector screen helps keep images crisp and clear. Screen sizes can range from 84 inches to 120 inches – so there are plenty of options to fit your needs.

Pair your ABIS projector screen with an ABIS smart projector, and you’ll enjoy your favourite movies or shows in perfect 4K resolution. With an ABIS projector screen, you won’t sacrifice picture quality by relying on a plain white or grey wall to use your projector. Instead, the images will appear on a beautiful, consistent surface so they’re always bright and crisp.

Here’s how ABIS projector screens enhance your home cinema:

Professional cinema quality at an affordable price: 

ABIS projector screens are made with premium quality materials but are still an affordable addition to your home cinema. Each ABIS projector screen has a matte white finish with ultra-high grain, so pictures are clear and colours are consistent. The screens absorb just the right amount of light, so pictures are displayed in beautiful high definition.

Discreet design: 

When not in use, ABIS projector screens can roll up and out of sight with the click of a remote control button. ABIS projector screens are designed with quiet, remote-controlled motors that guide the screen to and from a small, discreet compartment that’s attached to the wall or ceiling.

Ideal for gamers and movie buffs: 

The screens use a 16:9 aspect ratio, so images are large and consistent. The matte white finish ensures you don’t sacrifice image or colour quality, so you can easily immerse yourself in the action.

Easy to install:

ABIS projector screens can easily mount to the wall or ceiling. Unlike traditional TVs that require bulky equipment to safely hang on the wall, ABIS projector screens require minimal effort to install and begin using. Plus, when they’re not in use, ABIS projector screens easily tuck away. 

Portable options for people on the go:

In addition to huge home theatre screens, ABIS also has manual, portable projector screens. These free-standing projector screens are great for people who want to take their projectors with them to work or to parties and ensure you have a high-quality surface to use your projector no matter where you go. They don’t require electricity to use, so you can set them up anywhere.

Projector and screen bundles make your entertainment complete and hassle free. 

ABIS is a top supplier of all projectors and screen bundles. With all projectors and screens package deals, you get a 10m HDMI lead and a ceiling bracket or a tripod stand of your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m trying to weigh my options since the space for my indoor cinema’s projector screen is limited. What are the available dimensions for ABIS Projector Screens?

It is understandable that sometimes, you need to downsize the equipment based on your current capabilities. Worry no more; ABIS Projector Screens are available in three sizes. Choose between 84”, 100”, and 120” projector screens for your in-home cinema.

What are my options regarding the projector screen types? There are a lot of options in the market.

There are multiple projector screens to choose from in the market right now. When it comes to ABIS Projector Screens, there are three types you can purchase: Manual, Electric, and Tripod Projector screens. The main difference between the three is how you operate them. 

Are ABIS Projector Screens easy to manage and portable? Offices are busy places, and everyone is on the move.

Offices can get demanding when it comes to presentations. ABIS is made aware of the issue that might arise from this. That’s why ABIS Projector Screens are built for easy installation. Both electric and manual projectors are easy to mount, with instructions in the package. Tripod Projector Screens are easy to set up.


Avoid crowded, expensive movie theatres: With an ABIS projector and projector screen in your home, you’ll never have to travel to a movie theatre again. Simply stream whatever show or movie you want to see directly to your projector and enjoy a cinema-quality viewing experience from the comfort of your own sofa. No more waiting in line or purchasing overpriced movie theatre snacks!