Our ultra slim, outstanding LED (600x600 led panel) Ceiling Panels are available now! Day white, the leading colour of any LED temperature. Use our ceiling panels to replace your old fluorescent lighting or any other form of non-led lighting. Save an immense amount of money over time. These lights are manufactured using only the best quality materials, ensuring a long lasting service. 3 years UK warranty is guaranteed. 

Technical Specifications: 
Product: 48W LED Panel 
Size: 600 x 600 (595 x 595 Actual Fitting Size) 
Wattage: 48W - Equivalent to 380W 
Energy Rated: A+ 
Materials: Metal 
Lumens / Brightness: 4,800 Lumens
Colour Temperature: Day White 6,000K 
Working Hours: 50,000hrs
IP Rated: IP32 
Voltage: 240 - 255 
Brand: ABIS
Certificate: CE, Rohs, Approved for Installation in The EU 
Warranty: 3 Years UK Warranty 

How much energy do LED Panels save?

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The power utilized over the lifetime of a solitary glowing knob costs 5 to 10 times the first price tag of the globule itself. Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) knobs have reformed vitality proficient lighting. CFLs are essentially smaller than expected forms of full-sized fluorescents.

LED lights are up to 80% more productive than customary lighting, for example, fluorescent and bright lights. 95% of the vitality in LEDs is changed over into the light and just 5% is squandered as warmth. This is contrasted with bright lights which change over 95% of vitality to warm and just 5% into the light! So, it becomes fairly easy to understand the amount of energy that the Led panel lights save for you.

As the power utilization of a LED Panel is assessed to associate with 6 watts, which can deliver lighting quality like lights that devour no less than double the measure of energy, it certainly becomes apt especially when you need to fix lights at locations where they are required in the quantity and which needs to be lighted for considerably longer period of time.

The ABIS LED panel lights not only save the extensive use of energy but along with it save your money. A one-time investment into this wonderful and you surely will be reaping its benefit for a long period of time.

Package Includes: 
- 1 x LED Panel 
- 1 x LED Driver 
- 1 x Pack of Strings and Connectors for Stand Alone Fitting 
Thinking about doing your part for the environment? Switch today to save energy & money.

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