Did you know- Paper towels and cleaning costs over a year cost more than 200 pounds?

Even if you have a small premise, paper towels can increase your costing by more than 200 pounds! The cleaning costs and disposing costs add up to even more! On top of that, we are contributing towards pollution when we use paper towels instead of the technologies available these days.
The energy efficient and eco-friendly ABIS Hand dryers help you save more than 200 pounds over the paper towels and cleaning costs! It not only adds value to your premises but also contribute towards the mother earth!

10 Seconds Hand Dry, GUARANTEED!

Our Express hand dryer is the perfect addition to any public washroom.  The Express will have your hands dry in 15 to 20 seconds, and remains at an extremely affordable price. This unit is fitted with an infrared sensor that will ensure your running costs are kept to a minimum. In comparison to our ‘Budget HD’, this product is slightly more powerful. 


Main Benefits:  

British Brand - Buy With Confidence, Built With Excellent High Quality Components

Robust ABS Plastic Cover to Last - CE & RoHS Approved 

Simple 3 Steps Installation, Voltage Covers UK and Rest of the Europe 

Fast Air Spin of 2400r/min, Auto Temperature Controller Cut-Out Temperature: 105 degree 

Best for Low Traffic Area, Suitable for Small Office, Restaurants, Pubs etc  

Technical Specifications: 

Adjustable Inductive Zone: 12.5±7.5CM 

Hot Air Temperature: 65+15 °C 

Adjustable Effective Time: 40S-1min 

Power and voltage: AC 220V/50-60HZ 

Total Power: 1800W (combines motor power, blade power and exact heating power) 

Motor Speed: 2400r/min 

Degree of protecting by enclosure: IP32

Product Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 22.5cm

Product Weight: 1.95KG  


Brand: ABIS 

Model: Express

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