Hand Dryers

Pre-sale Common Questions #

Does the hand dryer require a contact to activate? #

ABIS Hand Dryers do not require further contact due to their built-in touch-free hand sensor. You’ll only need to place your hands under the sensor, and the machine will do all the work.

Will I need to assemble parts of the hand dryer myself? #

ABIS Hand Dryers come built and will only require installation upon arrival. There will be no need to assemble the machine by yourself or with the help of an electrician to make it work.

Is the hand dryer loud? #

Hand Dryers and related machines make a sound upon usage due to the motors. However, ABIS Hand Dryers are built to make low noise upon usage, averaging 75db (at 2m), which is as loud as a vacuum cleaner or a radio.

Is the hand dryer easy to install? #

Yes, ABIS Hand Dryers come fully built and ready for installation. Aside from that, it also comes with tools required for installation and a comprehensive installation guide. You can check ABIS’s installation video if the installation is still difficult.

How long is the warranty period? #

ABIS Hand Dryers come with a warranty card upon arrival and have a 3-year warranty period.

What places should I put my hand dryers? #

The ABIS hand dryers are all suitable for different locations since they are all high-speed automatic hand dryers. Some places they are suited are hospitals, schools, food or pharmaceutical manufacturers, airports, office buildings, hotels, government agencies, research institutions, and others.

What is the difference between TrioAct and DuoAct? #

The TrioAct hand dryer comes in with a built-in HEPA filter when the DuoAct does not. They also have slightly different design.

Why is an automatic hand dryer better than a push-button hand dryer? #

Automatic hand dryers allow their users to dry their hands without directly touching the hand dryers. This feature reduces contact that may result in cross-contamination of germs and bacteria.

What is a HEPA Filter in hand dryers? #

HEPA Filter is another protective layer inside the hand dryers that ensures the air blown to your hands is clean and sterilized.

How does UV Lighting Technology work on hand dryers? #

UV light is known to kill germs and bacteria. A hand dryer with a UV lighting system increases the disinfecting process and ensures that its users will be hygienic as possible.

After-sale Common Questions #

The hand dryer package has missing parts. #

ABIS Hand Dryers come fully built and ready for installation with tools required in the packaging. If the installation tools are missing, there can be alternative tools to help you install, along with a complete installation guide. If there are issues with missing parts internally, ask a qualified electrician for assistance, and don’t try to open the hand dryer yourself. If the electrician opts for a replacement, you can contact us to take steps to resolve the issue moving forward.

Hand Dryer did not come with an installation guide. #

ABIS Hand Dryers come in fully assembled and with an installation guide. All ABIS Installation Guides can be found under the Help Center section here. You can always check our blog for a comprehensive installation guide video for our hand dryers. (click here)

The sensor is not working properly (brand new). #

We recommend you check for any debris that might be stuck or blocking the sensor fresh from the packaging. If the problem persists, you can ask for assistance from a qualified electrician in assessing the machine. If the electrician opts for a replacement, you can contact us for further assistance.

Hand Dryer installation difficulty. #

ABIS Hand Dryers come in fully assembled and with an easy installation guide. A further difficulty with the installation can be solved by following the detailed installation in our blog. If the process is too complex, try contacting an expert for assistance.

Hand Dryer casing has dents. #

If the newly arrived hand dryer has visible dents in it fresh from the box or came with damaged packaging, the damage could have been done by transportation mishaps or other causes such as handling of the product. If the dent does not affect the machine’s performance, you can ask a qualified repair shop to fix the casing for you. If you opt for product replacement, you can contact us for assistance.

Common Questions when using the Product #

The airflow has reduced or stopped working. #

Hand Dryer airflow can get reduced due to age and the type of motor. However, hand dryer machines inside the casing can have clouds of dust and debris build-up. The best thing to do is check and clean the hand dryer parts with dirt. If doing said instructions did not change the airflow, consult with a qualified electrician.

Hand Dryer went out of order under warranty. #

There could be many reasons why your hand dryer has stopped working. If the problem is within the wirings, you can ask assistance from a qualified electrician and refrain from trying to fix it yourself to avoid voiding the warranty. If the electrician opts for a replacement, please contact us for a possible product replacement.

The Hand Dryer is not generating heat. #

Your first port of call should be to check that the heated airflow is activated. You should review the wirings inside the case if it is still not generating heat. The connection between the heater element and the circuit board can occasionally loosen or detach. If this is the case, the link will have to be resoldered. If it is an older hand dryer, the heating element may have failed and need to be replaced.

Hand Dryer is making a rattling noise. #

One cause for this is your brush motor’s incorrect spring tension, causing the part to move about and make a rattling noise. Aside from that, internal components getting loose could be another culprit. Your unit will need thorough checking for loose components to fix the rattling noise.

Hand Dryer is powered but won’t activate. #

The problem might be the sensor if your hand dryer is connected to the power source yet still won’t work. Make sure to wipe down any dust or dirt covering your sensor. If the issue is not resolved, purchasing a new sensor will be an option. If the sensor is clean and turned on and the issue isn’t resolved, contact an electrician, and purchasing a new sensor should be an option.

Hand Dryer sensor does not work. #

Sometimes, the sensor in your hand dryer can get dirty from dust, obstructing the sensor. Try to clean the sensor with a wet cloth. If it still doesn’t work, a faulty sensor needs a replacement. You must check the connection between the sensor and the PCB before thinking of replacing your hand dryer’s sensors.

The air is too hot. #

Too hot air from your hand dryer can mean two things, a faulty heating element or PCB, which regulates the maximum heat temperature on your hand dryer. You first need to check if the circuit board requires to be replaced. Always take precautions whenever doing so or ask for help from a qualified electrician for assistance.

The casing has a dent. #

Casing dent can be a minor issue depending on the size and severity. There could be a couple of reasons why your hand dryer has a dent in its casing. It could be that your hand dryer was vandalized, especially if placed in a public restroom. If the hand dryer works perfectly and only the cosmetics are affected, you can ask for assistance from a local shop aside from trying to fix the dent yourself. If the dent on the case is due to transportation or delivery mishaps, then contact us.

Hand Dryer parts became loose. #

Hand dryer parts can get loose over time, especially if installed for a few years. You don’t have to replace the whole hand dryer because some parts can be purchased and replaced. You should consult a qualified electrician to see what elements should be repaired.

Hand Dryer turns on by itself. #

Reflective surfaces, faulty wirings, and built-up dust and dirt can be culprits. Reflective surfaces can interfere with the no-touch hand sensors making the hand dryer turn on itself. If what’s causing it are loose wirings and a faulty circuit board, ask for assistance from qualified electricians to handle the hand dryer’s electrical issues properly.

Hand Dryer randomly turns on and off while using. #

This issue could be a sensor or circuit board problem. Check for dust and dirt build-up on the sensor and the board. Clean the two parts if needed. Also, check if there is a reflective surface near the sensor that can disrupt it whenever it is in use. If the problem doesn’t subside, ask a qualified electrician to check the hand dryer, and you might need to replace the sensor or a part from your circuit board.

The hand dryer emits a burning smell. #

The burning smell from the hand dryer can be dangerous. There might be dust build-up in the heating element, thus the burning smell. However, if your hand dryer parts and components are clean and still smell, call for immediate disconnection from your power source and contact an electrician to check your hand dryer.

Hand Dryer doesn’t stop after 60s Auto-Cutoff. #

ABIS Hand Dryers have adjustable 40s to 1-minute adequate time. If the Hand Dryer doesn’t turn off and continues working for more than a minute, there could be interference in the sensor. Remove any objects with reflective surfaces that might interfere with the sensor. Also, check for any debris that might be interfering with the sensor moving forward. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, ask assistance from a qualified electrician or repair shop to help you determine the issue.

Wiring problems with the hand dryer (loose wiring or internal wiring are not connected). #

Loose wirings in the circuit board can be reconnected. If you are familiar with the mechanisms inside, you can open the case and try to tighten the wirings inside the hand dryer. Make sure that the power is turned off to avoid electrocution. You can ask for assistance from an electrician for better repair.

The sensor is replaced with a new one, but the hand dryer still won’t work. #

If you already went through replacing your hand dryer’s sensor and still don’t get anything from your hand dryer, there might be a problem with your hand dryer’s electrical components. Check the hand dryer for any molten or blackened wires in the circuit board to see any electrical damage. If you can’t do it independently, ask for an expert to help. If they cannot repair it and the product is still under warranty, it is best to contact us.

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