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Why you should NOT buy the ABIS HD6000+ Android 6.0 Projector!

We have talked enough about why you should buy the ABIS HD6000+ Projector. We have given you more than a million reasons why it is the best gadget you can get as a movie buff, as a business owner, as an office owner or as anyone who requires a multimedia solution. In this article we will tell you why you should NOT buy the ABIS HD6000+ Projector. Yes, you read it right, why you should NOT.

  • You love wires. You do not like convenience and you love entangled wires lying around your room: The ABIS HD6000+ projector provides you with an inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth and on top of that, the android system built on board, making you totally free from any external accessories and the bunch of wires for various systems. WiFi and Android replaces your favorite Enetertainment system and bluetooth hitches you to your sound system wirelessly! So if you still like the wires, and the noisy quality they offer, you should not get the ABIS HD6000+ projector.

  • You love to pay for every app you install and every video you watch: The ABIS HD6000+ has the pure Android 6.0 version installed allowing you to install any app for free using the Google play store or directly installing an APK package onto the projector. Not just that, the projector is compatible with Kodi and comes with youtube installed allowing you to watch any video or stream for free! We are not like others who love to rip people off their money. We believe in serving them.. But still, if you are very rich and don’t know where to spend money, you should not buy our projector and keep spending money on all the things we offer free!

  • You have a big bag and love to carry all your gadgets wherever you go: HD6000+  offers direct USB connectivity to play your favorite presentations and movies without any need of a laptop or a blu ray player. If you do not like this thing and just love to carry your laptop and you don’t like potability, then you should definitely not buy the HD6000+ projector.

  • You think your electronics gadgets will repair automatically if anything goes wrong: All the ABIS products come with a minimum 12 months repair and replacement warranty and in case of anything going wrong, we repair or replace the product at no extra cost and we also bear the logistics cost both sides. So, if you think that your electronics gadgets are foolproof and will get repaired automatically if anything goes wrong, you should not go for ABIS products because you don’t need the carefree warranty that they offer.

  • So, if you fit in these four, well, you should not check out www.abiselectronics.co.uk for our product line, but if you love potability, you are SMART and want to stay carefree, check out our product line right now!