Ways Of Installing A LED Panel Light On A Ceiling?

After the journey of choosing and purchasing the best LED panel light, it is now time for installation. ABIS listed different options for you!

LED panel light -No. 1 Option

Installation of LED panel lighting can be fitting in 3 easy ways:

  1. Mounting Frame kit

Additional brackets can be bought which can help to mount your light onto the ceiling or against a wall. This mounting kit is available in White or Sliver surface and has an aluminium durable body. These can be purchased as little as £11.99.  Having a descent 5cm height and weighing less than 0.5 kg, there will be plenty of room for the LED driver or an Emergency driver.

  1. Hanging Suspension Kit

Counting a kit with cables to hang on the ceiling this makes installing very simple and flexible to determine the ideal height of your light output. As low as £4.99 this simple suspension set can be purchased and can be used for any size panels.

  1. Suspended Ceiling
    Using a suspended ceiling you can switch your old fluorescent fixture with a new LED panel light or any empty space. Just remove the ceiling tile or your old fluorescent fixture, then place your LED panel light and simply connect your LED Driver two wires to the mains. The transformer has a simple push and twist connection with is attached to your Led Panel Light. All our panels lighting comes with a LED driver that is free of charge.


LED panel light-No. 2 Option 

  1. Connecting light Engine with frame

We need to check the terminals on this pair of light engines before putting them together.

One of light engines has only a male terminal while the other has both a male and a female terminal. As these two light engines are designed to be connected in parallel, we need to ensure the female and male terminal in each engine should be fixed near each other.

Now with the installation. The first step is to put the wires through the cutout hole (476mmx39mm), then pushing light engine into the hole, which is same true for the other light engine. We need to connect the terminals after two light engines are placed.

  1. Connecting light Engine with LED driver. There is a female terminal onto the driver that needs to be connected with the remaining male terminal in the light engine.
  1. Connecting frame with accessories

Some accessories need to be used for pendant and surface mounted way because the standard design is based on recessed mounted LED panel into T Grid Bars. In terms of pendant mounting, 4pcs ropes will be used to connect frame with drywall ceiling tightly.

Lastly, we’re going to tell you how to remove the light engines from the frames.

In every engine, there are a total of 12 buckles, which are used to put the engine to frame together. To take engine out, we need to remove buckles of each light engine manually.


LED panel light-No. 3 Option 

  1. Suspended
  • Install the accessories to the panel lights (please contact our salesman for Specification, in which detailed installation steps are shown.)
  • Use screws to fix the four hanging cables onto the roof.
  • Double check that the 4 steel cables are adjusted so that the LED panel is horizontally aligned.
  1. Ceiling-mounted
  • Where the panel light is installed (such as the ceiling) fasten the clip on that place
  • Screw the other clip to the panel;
  • Using M4x8 screws, screw the two clips
  1. Recessed
  • Remove the traditional grid lights;
  • Pick the replacement that fits exactly in the grid;
  • Recess the LED panel light into the grid. (We recommend that you use screws to fix the four hanging cables onto the roof, as suspending shows above in case of falling down).
  1. Wall-mounted
  • By 4 pieces of M4x8 countersunk head screws, screw the brackets onto the panel in right position and make sure they’re tight.
  • In the ceiling in accordance with the size of the bracket, drill a D6mm hole then put the bulge plug in. And finally, use the 4×30 countersunk head tapping screws to fasten the panel into the holes.
  1. Spring clips
  • Put the spring onto the clip;
  • Onto panel light through ring, screw the other side of clip.
  • And recess the panel into the hole in the ceiling.

That’s it. We hope these 3 options we provided would really help you. For more information about LED Panels you can visit ABIS Electronics.



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