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Three Reasons to Install Automatic Hand Dryer at office

We all are aware of the fact that we become more prone to bacterial infection when in a public place or places which have many people. Your workplace is one of such places. It is integral to understand the need of maintaining health and sanitation at the workplace. For a long period of time, paper towels have been used. There is nothing practically wrong with it; however, with the number of papers being used, it literally means you would be spending more for yourself and for the environment as well. Thus, making hand dryer an ultimate choice especially when it comes to working places.

Here are Top 3 reasons why you should install an automatic hand dryer at your office.

  1. Cost-effective

Well, research has shown that installing an automatic hand dryer can save you no less than 90% more economical than using paper towels or the traditional dryers. The automatic hand dryers are just cost-effective meaning it will cut down your office expenses. It might not seem much but if you calculate the total cost of refilling those paper towels every time it runs out of stock, you can easily make your choice towards the automatic hand dryer, as it only a one-time investment for all the benefits that it would provide.

  1. Environment-friendly:

Well, as a part of your CSR, a tiny little step would also make an impact. The use of paper towels incorporate high costs in terms of the trees cut down, the disposal, the transportation cost, water expenses and so much more. Simply, by switching on to the automatic hand dryer, you will do your step in reducing all the use of those resources which are literally flushed down the drain.

  1. Hygiene

A very important aspect indeed! After all, the whole purpose of having a paper towel or an automatic hand dryer is to maintain the hygiene of the workplace as washroom being one of the most contaminated places. However, with paper towels, there is a high chance of cross-contamination as many people would come in contact with the boxes. But with the automatic hand dryer, this aspect can be eliminated. There are no chances of cross-contamination with this one, as it wouldn’t be directly in contact with your hands and at the same time, it will also eliminate the chances of bacterial spread from the contaminations generated from used paper towels. So, automatic hand dryer can be an ultimate choice for your office when it comes to maintaining the hygiene. From being cost-effective to it being environmentally friendly, the automatic hand dryer is the way to go!