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The ABIS Excel 9 Hand Dryer - Why do we call it the "Best Hand Dryer in UK" ?

Off late, Hand Dryers have become the preferred choice over Paper towels in all washrooms at commercial places. The main reason for this can be the tremendous and numerous benefits that hand dryers offer which include the environmental benefits, economic benefits and finally convenience. We have discussed in detail why you should prefer hand dryers but in this blog post we will discuss about a particular hand dryer model of ours, which has been a bestseller all the time and we always run out of stock! The ABIS Excel 9 Hand dryer!

We launched this hand dryer back in 2015 and since then it has evolved with many technological upgrades to make it the best hand dryer available in the market in the price range at which it is offered. The hand dryer comes in four vibrant colours and the shell is made up of high quality stainless steel which does not only make it vandal proof and resistant to physical blows but also makes it look classy and premium. This is one reason why so many five star hotels, premium clubs have opted for the Excel 9 to be installed at their premises.

Broadly speaking, a hand dryer has the following components which decide whether it is a good hand dryer or not: Power, Casing, Air Temperature and Air Spin, Sensor Quality and Installation Process.

Let us discuss each one of them keeping Excel 9 in Mind:

Power: The ABIS Excel 9 hand dryer in UK model has a powerful motor of 24000 RPM which means that the hand dryer motor rotates 24000 times in a minute and considering the normal hand drying time of 10-12 seconds, in this 12 seconds, the motor rotates almost 5000 times which speaks for itself why the hand dryer efficiently dries the hands in just 10-11 seconds without having to rely on any paper towels after the use. If you are planning to install this hand dryer at a place with medium to heavy traffic like a school, a pub, a restaurant, this hand dryer has enough power too handle the load.

Casing: The hand dryer casing is made up of Stainless steel which is highly vandal proof to handle the physical blows. As this hand dryer is to be installed in places with considerable traffic, it needs to be strong and we have ensured the same keeping in mind this need. Also, since it comes in shiny colours in Chrome, Gold and Black, they look even better on stainless steel making it the ideal choice to not just add power but also add aesthetics and class to your washroom.

Air Temperature: The hand dryer has automatic air temperature adjustment to offer the most optimum heat which dries hands according to the room temperature. This makes it a product to install and forget and not keep worrying about adjusting the thermostat, etc. Also, the powerful air spin of 75 IMPS has proven to be the most optimum air spin speed by scientists and we follow the same so that it is not that harsh and neither that low.

Sensor Quality: The Excel 9 hand dryer comes with a Japanese technology sensor which has a response time of 0.15 seconds. This means, that as soon as the hand is sensed, the hand dryer starts working in just 0.15 seconds. Normal hand dryers have a sensing time of 1 second but our engineers have managed to bring it down to 0.15 seconds making it a great choice if you are concerned about this.

Installation: The hand dryer installation is easy and takes less than 15 minutes to install it and get it running. Some hand dryers need a lot of attention but the Excel 9 is simple, a power cable going to the power supply outlet and good to go. This saves you a lot of money on the Electrician costs which can go higher than the price of the hand dryer itself.

So, you aren’t convinced yet whether to buy the Excel 9 or not?

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