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Still confused if you are getting that LED panels for sale? Read this first!

Successful – that is what we can say about LED Panels over the years. Based to market research by Goldman Sachs, LED lighting technology went from having only 1% of the lighting market in 2010 to about 28% in 2015, and is likely to hold a market share of over 95% by 2025. In most situations, the main enticement for upgrading to LED panels for sale is succeeding energy savings. The total lessening in electric power consumption can be determined by on the type of lighting currently being used, but there are cases where the savings achieved go over 80% vs. traditional lighting from those LED panels for sale.

LED Panels VS. Incandescent and Fluorescent Light

Once incandescent light is replaced, LED lighting gives savings of over 80% and a service life that is 25x longer. Just like for example, a 1000-watt incandescent bulb rated for 10,000 hours of use can be replaced with a 150-watt LED equivalent that lasts for 250,000 hours or more.

When you are replacing fluorescent light, LED panels for sale can produce savings of over 30%. There is a service life increase also: fluorescent light last 10,000 on average, only 40% of the rated life of most LED light.
Some LED light also offer dimming, automation and color adjustment options. Just like for example, the same light can be set to provide clear white light at full brightness when a task requires concentration, and then warm white light at partial brightness to create a more calming atmosphere for watching television.

LED Panels VS. Industrial HID Fixtures

A high-bay fixture with metal halide light is mostly the settings of industrial. This technology deals a potent lighting output, but is outclassed by LED panels for sale in many ways:

MH bulbs usually last for around 10,000 hours; possibly less if they are habitually switched power cycle. While on the other hand, high-bay industrial LED fixtures may bid a service life of over 100,000 hours.
Energy savings of 60% or more are usually attained. For example, a 450-watt metal halide fixture may be replaced with a 200-watt LED panels for sale with the same luminous effect.

And of course, it is very vital to select LED panels for sale that match the application. An energy audit by a qualified field engineer is a great way to detect promising lighting upgrades and other energy conservation measures, especially in large commercial or industrial facilities. Your audit should also include an evaluation of incentive procurement your project might be eligible for. For LED panels for sale, click us.