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LED Panel Sizes - Which Size should you get?

LED Panel Sizes - Which Size should you get?

LED Ceiling panels have become the preferred mode of lighting in all different kinds of establishments. There has been enough discussion on the benefits of LED panels including the money saving, environmental benefits, aesthetic benefits, etc. In this particular blog post, we will be discussing the different LED Panel Size options that are available and which size fits the best for your needs and requirements.

Generally, the LED panels are available in four sizes – 600x600 LED Panel, 300x300 LED Panel, 1200x300 LED Panel and a 1200x600 LED Panel. All these sizes are in MM so you can have an idea about how a particular size will look like.

Let us start the discussion on which LED size to buy by looking at the individual sizes and their applications:

600 x 600 LED Panel: The 600mm x 600mm LED panel is the most common size and most of the LED panels that you will find will be of this category. This square shaped LED panel offers a Wattage of 48W and offers 100 Lumens of brightness per Watt making it capable to offer 4800 Lumens of brightness. The LED panel is suitable for any small to medium sized premises. Some of the places where these LED panels fit best are: Offices, Restaurants, Cafeterias, etc. These places are not very large so the 4800 Lumens light is more than enough to offer comfortable lighting to everyone in the room. Also, since this size comes in a square shape, it distributes light uniformly around it which suits the requirements of an office or a restaurant where people are sitting in cubicles around.

300 x 300 LED Panel: The 300 x 300 LED panel is the smallest in the family and takes only 24 Watts of energy but since it offers a strong 100 Lumens per watt brightness, it offers great light for where it is supposed to fit which includes places like your home, hotel hallways, small corridor, etc. It lights up small rooms and places and when it lines up on the ceiling of a hotel hallway or, it looks aesthetically great and gives a bright output. corridor

1200 x 300 LED Panel: When it comes to rectangular LED panels, there are 2 sizes that you can choose from. The 1200x300mm LED panel is best if you with to install it in place of a tile as the 300mm width matches exactly with the size of a normal tile so all you need to do is to remove the tile and place this LED panel. And, if you do not wish to remove your tiles you can use the hanging kits and install the same. The LED panel is generally installed in washrooms and particularly hotel washrooms. Also, the 40 Watts output with 4000 Lumens brightness makes it the right lighting option.

1200 x 600 LED Panel: This LED panel size is the largest one and is installed in commercial properties like Warehouses, Labs, etc where there needs to be minute details. Clubbed with a Ceiling hanging kit, you can bring the LED panels to a lower height in your warehouse and the large size will ensure coverage of a lot of area in your property. The LED panel consumes 65 Watt energy and offers 6500 brightness making it a brilliant choice for a large establishment like large halls!

Did you know- We at ABIS offer all the four sizes and every LED panel comes with a driver and the Free LED panel hanging kit which makes it really convenient for you to install it the way you want to.