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Keeping a hand dryer in a good state may not be the main thought for a lavatories administrator but then it’s vital to ensure that the hand dryers you have are working appropriately and delivering the necessary service.

How important is Hand Dryers to keep it clean?

A public toilet is a den of microorganisms and germs if they are not scoured and maintained on a regular basis. Something as simple as a dryer left to run itself for a year or more, getting a clogged filter, or losing power can add to the mess and bacteria in a bathroom in the following ways:

  1. The hand dryer can mislay performance, taking lengthier to dry hands, sucking power and adding up to your electricity bill
  2. The dryer's air flow will get blocked, pushing airflow into another way which can setback bacteria and water droplets around the restroom
  3. Weakened, or loss of power can be unsatisfying for customers who may shake their hands and grab door handles and with wet hands, spreading water droplets on the floor and germs around the restroom
  4. A poorly maintained dryer means people using the restroom will grab paper towels, or toilet tissue, increasing mess and consumption.
  5. Hand dryers with blocked filters may become ear-splitting

What to do when maintaining a hand dryer?

If at all possible, before you compel to buying a hand dryer you should do some studying into the maintenance involved, you can get this directly from the company distributor. This isn’t always a choice as lavatories administrators often receive buildings and hand dryers are already installed. You can still hop online, or contact manufacturers with the make and model to find out what the recommended maintenance timetable is.

Welfare is a precedence given the mix of electricity and water, so it pays to have your hand dryers included as part of your quarterly, or annual building welfare checks. All electrical units should be tested and tagged by a professional electrician as a minimum requisite, but upholding your hand dryers can also increase proficiencies.

By regularly maintaining your hand dryers you can reduce electricity costs, bacteria and germs, as well as offering more comfy surroundings for anyone using the restrooms and your cleaning staff. Maintaining a hand dryer will also increase its usage life with stable performance, saving you from more costs in the long run!

Good news for you!

But at the top of everything, you can say that the best thing to do is to get the best hand dryer. The quality of the hand dryer affects a lot to its maintenance costs. With that, get the highest and best version as possible. And as we recommend, try ABIS Hand Dryers. Why? Our top quality motor & mainboard is built for a long lasting service with original CE & RoHS compliance.