7 Reasons to Switch to LED Panels

When it comes to your business, you want to make sure that you are not spending on overhead. However, when trying to figure out appropriate measures, are you taking a comprehensive look at your operations? While you may be focusing on things like labour and inventory, you should also put close attention to the details, such as your lighting.

These days, energy efficiency is slowly penetrating and becoming so important to our culture and landscape, which is why it’s so crucial to switch to items that use less of it. Not only will it help protect the environment and reduce our destructive legacy, but it is financial-wise as well.

Thus, using LED lights in your business is a smart choice no matter how you look at it. Nonetheless, you can get a lot more benefits if you are going to make this switch. Here are ten of reasons why you should choose LED light solutions to your business:


#1 Longer Lasting

In our business we need to have lights on all day long, unlike in our home. This puts a lot of strain on the bulbs, although this kind of continuous operation doesn’t cause as much damage as turning it on and off. In this exact sense, you need lights that can last long so that you don’t have to buy another light and change them on a regular basis.

LEDs can be used for up to 10 years or so because of they are built to be durable and reliable, meaning that you don’t have to change bulbs in a long run. This is even because of its constant flow of energy.

#2 Less Heat

The main problem with other light bulbs such as incandescent or CFL bulbs is that they get hot. The problem you can encounter with this is you can’t place these type of bulbs near to where customers to sit or stay. The good thing about LED lights is they don’t have this problem because they don’t produce any heat at all. This not only helps with climate control (imagine how much heat a dozen bulbs can create) but safety as well.

#3 Recyclable

Another main problem with standard bulbs is that they are made of toxic chemicals which is not safe. Incandescent ones have tungsten filaments, and it cannot be reused. CFL bulbs use gas, which is slightly toxic. LEDs, on the other hand, are 100% reusable. You will not only have any problem on its disposal but you will also be at ease because of its safety that it doesn’t contain any pollutants or toxins when they were made. Overall, LEDs are safe and eco-friendly from inception to destruction.

#4 Directional Light

If you notice when you use a standard bulb it produce light in all directions. This is because of inherent features and of how it operates, so the only way you can point it anywhere is using a shade or reflector.

LED bulbs are designed to shine in a specific way and are much better for directional light because they can shine in a specific direction. This means that you can point them exactly where you want them, which can be extra helpful when you’re trying to create a cozy and welcoming vibe for your customers.

#5 Energy Savings

You are expecting that we will mention this, right? The fact is that you can save up to 80-90% of the energy than when you use on a standard or CFL bulb. LEDs are so power efficienct that they will pay for themselves after just a couple of years.

If you are operating a large office, this is sure a good way to save energy and money. Considering that these LED bulbs stay much longer than usual, you will be able to put money back in your pocket every hour that they are lit.

#6 Durability

Standard bulbs use glass and you may think that LEDs use glass for their bulbs too, but you would be wrong. They don’t use glass so it is ideal for outdoor lighting even if you live in place with harsh weather conditions. LEDs are not affected even with cold, rain and extreme heat. You can practically place them anywhere without any worries.

#7 Dimmable

We have mentioned having excellent lighting for your business but you can also use dimmer switches if you want to make things more under control. Unlike other regular bulbs, LEDs are great at dimming. In addition to that, they last longer if you keep them at a lower level (up to twice as much life).

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